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How to Keep Your Silver Looking Great - and Never Have to Remove Tarnish Again

HOW TO KEEP YOUR SILVER LOOKING GREAT - AND NEVER HAVE TO REMOVE TARNISH AGAINSilver is timeless and beautiful. In jewelry, its white luster gives it a magical quality and pairs well with almost any color ensemble. It’s also a classic choice for many items around the house, from traditional silver tableware to candlesticks, fixtures and decorations. These days, silver is used in everything from belts to brooches to business card holders. But silver comes with one drawback—it tarnishes easily and has to be routinely polished or cleaned. That’s why we’re going to show you the simple secret of silver storage bags.

Imagine what you do with your silver jewelry after you wear it. Typically, you come back from a wonderful night out and place it straight into a jewelry box or hang it somewhere near your vanity mirror. If you’re particularly conscientious, you might take the time to polish the jewelry after every time you wear it—an effective way to stave off tarnish, but a time consuming habit and one that causes silver to tarnish even faster---that’s right, the more you polish silver, the faster it tarnishes. On the other hand, if you never polish it, you find yourself eventually seeing your jewelry tarnish anyway. This necessitates an even longer cleaning process, often using harsh chemicals. But you can say goodbye to both of these processes if you simply get good anti-tarnish silver storage bags.

Intercept Silver storage bags resemble specialized zip lock bags. They are made to keep silver jewelry (or other silver items) tarnish-free. They do this through two simple steps:

  • Each silver storage bag is made with materials that naturally absorb and neutralize  the compounds that cause tarnish in the first place. This means they actively protect your jewelry from tarnishing.
  • When closed, the bags become airtight. They keep out anything in the atmosphere that might cause tarnish, which further protects your jewelry.

Using these bags is simple. After wearing your jewelry, simply wipe it with a soft cloth. This is to remove any compounds it has already been exposed to through the air that could cause tarnish. The process is much faster than fully polishing the silver. Next, seal your jewelry inside the storage bag, and let the bag neutralize anything left that could cause tarnish. Your silver jewelry will come out looking great—every time.

If your silver jewelry is already tarnished, you will need to clean it once before relying on the storage bags. We recommend a simple, no harsh chemicals cleaning process that will completely remove all tarnish. 

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