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How Does Anti-Tarnish Paper Keep Jewelry Protected?



If you own or wear jewelry often, you already know that properly caring for it is crucial to keeping it protected and clean, looking its best, and ensuring longevity. This is especially important to prevent your jewelry from any tarnish. You are most likely already familiar with the common tricks of the trade such as not getting your jewelry wet and not wearing it during physical activities like working out. You may keep it safely stored in a jewelry box or container as well. But did you know that anti-tarnish paper effectively protects your jewelry from damage?

What is Anti-Tarnish Paper?

Anti-tarnish paper works wonders at keeping jewelry tarnish-free by absorbing sulfides and other air pollutants in the air that can damage jewelry. This paper is effective at protecting silver, gold, copper, bronze, nickel, tin, and plated metals. The jewelry industry heavily relies on anti-tarnishing paper when packaging, storing, and shipping jewelry in an effort to safeguard it from damage caused by tarnishing. This paper can also be used on other precious metals such as musical instruments, electronics, and coins.

Why Choose Anti-Tarnish Paper?

Keep in mind that just because something is anti-tarnish doesn’t always mean that it is safe and effective in keeping jewelry protected. Anti-tarnish products contain different matters and can have the adverse effect on jewelry resulting in damage. In fact, some anti-tarnish products today can actually cause more harm, than tarnish itself, to your jewelry. Therefore, it’s important that you select a product that is non-toxic and non-abrasive to avoid any damage to the jewelry, such as anti-tarnish paper.

You also want a product that does not emit any gases, fumes, or vapor. Products that absorb airborne pollutants and moisture will cause corrosion to jewelry. However, reliable anti-tarnish products will react with  these gases by permanently neutralizing them. This way, no harm or damage will result.  

Additionally, while there are many different anti-tarnish products to use, anti-tarnish paper is the commonly preferred variation. Many prefer anti-tarnish paper because it can be easily used for storage, shipping and packaging of jewelry, and is used by retailers, manufacturers and consumers alike.

Jewelry manufactured with precious metals should therefore be handled with care and stored properly. Anti-tarnish paper is not only effective at keeping jewelry from tarnishing  but it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. So the next time you purchase jewelry, be sure to purchase anti-tarnish paper as well to keep it shiny. 

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