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How Can Poor Packaging Materials Cause Jewelry Tarnish?



If you own jewelry, you probably keep it stored in the packaging material it came with which tends to be some kind of box or fabric pouch. Things like necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are among the belongings being stored in their original containers and this can pose some problems because the environment they are in could be damaging!

Some jewelry manufacturers have sulfur and chlorine chemicals embedded into the packaging materials and when you leave your jewelry in these conditions, you can expect tarnishing to occur. On top of that, when your jewelry was in transit to the store, it was exposed to all types of air pollution like exhaust fumes and hydrogen sulfide which continues to produce negative physical reactions in the jewelry. How well do you think that packaging material protected your precious silver?

The Problem 
Unfortunately, many jewelry manufacturers look for ways to cut costs on packaging and that often leads to overseas solutions where materials are less expensive. In turn, packaging materials like ring boxes and bracelet boxes are ordered from Asian countries where the levels of corrosive chemicals are much higher. When these packaging boxes are made, they often use some type of adhesive that is high in sulfur content which is known to be extremely corrosive to silver jewelry. This means once you take possession of your jewelry, immediately take it out of the original packaging.

The Solution
Instead of keeping your silver jewelry and other precious metals in the original storage containers, protect them in an environment that can eliminate harsh airborne contaminates. In order to create this type of safe environment, consider placing your jewelry into a micro-environment setting that can consist of a sealable bag, jewelry drawer or a display case. Simply store your precious metals into any of these applications with supplementing anti-tarnish paper that carefully reacts within the enclosure. The best anti-tarnish paper is made up of special high surface area copper that absorbs and neutralizes harsh pollutants like hydrogen sulfide and sulfur which is responsible for tarnish. The anti-tarnish paper will also purify the environment and helps retain the brilliant finish of the jewelry. 

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