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The Surprising Health Benefits of Silver

Sivers Health Benefits

Many wear silver jewelry to add "oomph" to their wardrobe.

It can easily bring your outfit together and give you a tremendous boost of confidence by enhancing your natural beauty. But did you know that, in addition to silver’s elegant style and attractive look, it’s also known to possess several health benefits?

Since the dawn of civilization, people have used silver because of its extraordinary qualities.

How Silver Can Benefit Your Health

Silver is an all-purpose healing agent.

It contains powerful antimicrobial properties that fight infections and viruses, aid in cold and flu prevention, and heal wounds. Wearing silver jewelry helps shield against germs and bacteria. So, in addition to wearing it to complete your attire, wear it when your immune system is weak and you are heavily exposed to germs.

Intercept Jewelry CareSilver also plays a role in skin maintenance and repair. When you wear silver, it is absorbed into your skin and can help prevent skin irritations, repair damaged skin, and help you maintain healthy skin. Silver also has a direct benefit in helping you to avoid potentially toxic substances.

Because silver is a metal, it reacts and changes color when it interacts with other chemicals that are known toxins.

Researchers at the University of Southampton have found that wearing a specific type of silver ring can help alleviate arthritis symptoms. The silver helps to reduce the pain and prevent hypertension in the joints, which is common among those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

Lastly, silver can protect against dangerous electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other technology. Some wear silver gloves when using a laptop to block the transmission of electronic signals from the device into the body, as well as improve their comfort and energy.

Not only is silver jewelry beautiful, but it’s also very precious to our health.

Just as it’s important to take good care of your health, you need to properly care for your jewelry to keep in shining and in great condition.

Make sure to clean your jewelry regularly, avoid contact with liquids, moisture, and dirty objects, and store it in a safe place like silver storage bags.

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