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Cleaning Silver: A Hassle No More

anti-tarnish bracelet

In today’s busy world, time is valuable and something we never seem to have enough of. So, when we have a problem we look for quick and easy solutions. We like products that are convenient and make our lives less complicated. The challenge of preventing tarnish is no exception. Why waste your time and money when you don't have to? Keeping your silver clean is much easier than you may think.

When you reach for your favorite bracelet or pull out your silverware for a dinner party, the last thing you want to see is tarnish. Polishing can indeed remove this top layer of tarnish however it can also eventually wear down details of your silver pieces or remove silver plate completely! Not to mention, polishing is a hassle. It actually increases the surface area of your jewelry piece therefore the more you polish the more it tarnishes. The trick is to reduce the amount of polishing while maintaining the lustrous condition of your silver. How? Good news. With the right products, your jewelry, flatware, and other metal valuables will be shining and ready to use after storage.

With all the different tarnish prevention solutions out there, it may be hard to recognize what really works. Say goodbye to messy polishes, creams, and the countless hours spent polishing and look for a method that will save you time and money. There are plenty of tarnish prevention products that provide temporary protection, but finding a product that offers long-term tarnish protection will stop you from wasting money buying polishing cloths, dips, or other cleaning products. Charcoal/ carbon poly and paper products can release corrosive gases back out onto your silver. Find the more effective storage option that will permanently neutralize the gases that cause discoloration. This type of product will not only provide your silver with reliable tarnish protection, but it will eliminate the inconvenience of constant cleaning as well.

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