Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Intercept Corrosion Prevention for Firearms by PreservAll

preservallMilitaries worldwide rely on the proven protective power of Intercept Technology™ to protect everything from spare parts, aircraft, equipment and also firearms and weapons. They have thoroughly tested and verified that the technology works in extreme environments like Singapore, Japan, Australia, and all the way up to far northern climates. The same Intercept Technology is at the heart of the PrerservAll gun protection systems. Atmospheric pollution, ozone, body oils as well as use all work to degrade and rust your firearms. Keep your items in the best possible condition for years to come by placing them in a PreservAll gun and pistol bags and sleeves. The PreservAll advantage allows for use with or without gun oil. PreservAll's gun preservation bag helps to stabilize and lengthen the life of gun oil by keeping away dust, as well as keeping away reactive gases that oxidize and gum up the oil.

PreservAll utilizes Intercept Technology™ to react with and permanently neutralize corrosive gasses in the air. Our unique PreservAll fabric gun sleeve is safe for gun storage in safes or other areas where the fear of high heat can be an issue with traditional gun storage bags. Our pistol bags and plastic gun sleeves are rugged and provide years or care-free storage. Start protecting your firearms and knives now!

PreservAll...simply better protection for your firearms. Proudly made in the USA, providing the most effective protective gun and pistol storage bags and sleeves.

how preservall works

PreservAll Works Better

Scientists at Bell Labs developed a method to combine a proprietary copper particle with a plastic material into highly reactive protective sheeting known as Intercept Technology. PreservAll uses this same protective packaging material to keep damaging corrosive air contaminants and gases away, by absorbing and neutralizing the trapped gases left inside of closed spaces. PreservAll not only delivers superior protection for textiles and fabrics, but it also protects all the materials used in the creation of your most prized garments: ornamental beading, buttons, decorative metals, clasps and fasteners, specialty threads, leathers, faux fur, animal skins, plastics, and more. Only PreservAll utilizes Intercept Technology™, the leader in clean, chemical-free protection for all of these different materials.