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Intercept for COVID 19 - Personal Protection

Intercept CU22™ - Personal Protection from COVID-19

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care manufactures Intercept Technology™ products that protect your valuable assets. Now we use the technology to protect you and your employees from COVID-19

Our product, Intercept CU22™ face mask filters, will keep you and your team safe from Covid and any other virus that could threaten in the future. Copper actively KILLS viruses, bacteria, pollen and allergens and our filters have an inner layer of polymerized copper that was tested effective on Covid. Intercept CU22 filters can keep your employees safe and on the job and can be used in any mask that has an inside pocket.      

Here's how it works:

Droplets containing bacteria and viruses adhere to the inner INTERCEPT CU22 layer and are killed through contact.* This active copper barrier provides the highest possible protection against corona and other viruses, and bacteria.

*ISO 18185 tested. JIS Z 2801 tested.

INTERCEPT CU22 Replacement Filters

  • Filter Textiles pass FFP3 requirements which means the filter will block 99% of all droplets and particles from passing. Beyond that, any droplets will adhere to the INTERCEPT CU22 inner layer and be killed by the Copper. No Copper ions are released.
  • Intercept CU22 filter has a core of copper polymers with tested killing functions against corona viruses (ISO 18184 tested) and bacteria (JIS Z 2801 tested).
  • Filters may be used for up to 4 weeks prior to replacement. Store in provided antibacterial bag (Packaging – DO NOT THROW AWAY) when not in use. 

The Intercept CU22 face mask filters are re-usable, can be used continually for a month or several months if worn intermittently. They have high breathability and fit into a filter pocket on a mask or can be placed in between layers of a multi-layered mask. They can also be UV sterilized for re-use. 

We are aware that there are inexpensive, ineffective filters on the market that do nothing more than add additional face coverage and do not kill the virus that threatens your well-being and your colleagues.

Keeping employees healthy is our goal so that companies can continue to provide essential services and thrive.

To protect your colleagues and their families- Intercept CU22™ filters are anti-microbial, re-usable, can be UV sterilized, kills viruses, and have high breathability!