Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging
anti tarnish tissue paper
anti tarnish tissue paper

Anti-Tarnish Corrosion Intercept® Tissue Paper

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Our NEW Anti Tarnish Paper made with Corrosion Intercept®, is not your standard anti tarnish tissue! All other anti tarnish tissue papers claim they do not cause your items to tarnish but will not prevent tarnish. Intercept Anti Tarnish Tissue actually PREVENTS tarnish from occurring. With a smooth finish, lint-free, acid-free and pH-neutral, use our Corrosion Intercept® anti-tarnish tissue sheets to wrap and protect jewelry, watches, silverware, musical instruments, and other gifts from tarnishing inside boxes, pouches, merchandise bags and other packaging. Our smooth, non-abrasive anti tarnish tissue paper is completely non-toxic and leaves no residue on any items it protects. Safe for ALL metals and gemstones, even when in direct contact! Each sheet measures 15" x 28", comes 20 sheets per pack