Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Intercept Technology™ - More Than Just Jewelry!

Our proprietary Intercept Technology™ stops corrosion - protecting your jewelry and saving you money. But did you know there’s a wide variety of usages for Intercept outside of jewelry? From electronics to firearms, Intercept has you covered!


We tend to think of firearms as sturdy and resilient. They are objects of force and power, but many may not consider their inherent weakness - corrosion. Atmospheric pollution, ozone, body oils and overall usage contribute towards weapon degradation. Furthermore, firearms contain metal, and like any other alloy containing iron, when exposed to moisture over the course of time, they corrode.

Depending on the climate in the area you keep your firearms, this may happen more rapidly or over a longer period of time. Products have been designed to address this issue - such as “Gun Socks” and “VCI Gun Bags”. However, these products are often ineffective for a multitude of reasons.

Gun Socks are commonly made of knit fabric and treated with silicone. While silicone is often thought of as water-proof, that’s not quite the case. Silicone repels water - it doesn’t mitigate or eliminate it entirely. If metal is placed inside a silicone treated covering, it will still be exposed to any moisture contained within the fabric. Over time, this water vapor or moisture will begin to take its toll on the metal, and can lead to corrosion.

VCI Gun Bags/Sleeves emit a vapor when firearms are stored inside them. Once inside, they coat the metal, and form a barrier. While VCI's claim to protect metals from corrosion, in reality they actually compromise the metal's integrity.

Intercept™ Firearm Bags and Sleeves utilize Static Intercept™ Technology. This material reacts with and permanently neutralizes corrosive gasses in the air, as well as moisture!

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There are multiple factors that come into play when looking at the corrosion of electronics and electrical components. One of the primary reasons is the presence of sulfuric gases in the atmosphere.

Once these gases come into contact with electronic components, corrosion begins almost immediately. These gases particularly affect copper and silver elements – the ones responsible for electrical conductivity and protection – which are an electronics’ most important components!

Though there have been big steps in reducing atmospheric pollution, manufacturers and consumers should take note that not all countries overseas have employed limitations and/or restrictions on the industrial output of sulfur gases.

Even if an electronic is constructed in a clean-air environment, contact with high concentrations of sulfide gases during transit will cause adverse effects, potentially rendering it severely damaged or completely obsolete.

Intercept™ provides anti-corrosion and anti-static packaging for electronics. This highly effective packaging product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and volatile free!

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