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7 Tips to Properly Care For Your Jewelry

You love your jewelry and love the way it looks on you. While you may wear your jewelry around the clock, do you devote adequate time to properly caring for it? Taking good care of your jewelry is the best way to ensure that it stays beautiful and lasts a lifetime. At Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, we understand that your jewelry is precious and you want to ensure that it lasts. To help you maintain your jewelry's beauty, we've provided these care tips:


1. Do not sleep in your jewelry

You may be extremely tired, but make sure to remove your jewelry before going to bed. When you sleep in jewelry, you're likely to sleep on it, potentially breaking or damaging it. 2. Put jewelry on after you apply makeup

Cosmetics (as well as hairsprays, body fragrances, and lotions) contain chemicals that can damage jewelry. Be sure to put on your jewelry after applying these products.

3. Avoid contact with water

Always avoid getting your jewelry wet, as water causes metals to corrode and tarnish. Remove jewelry before showering or washing your hands and never go swimming with your jewelry on since the chlorine can damage stones, metals and even solid gold. It can also accelerate tarnish and cause color change as well as structural damage. 

4. Don't wear jewelry while working out

Always take off your jewelry before you exercise or do any type of heavy physical activity, as water and perspiration can cause wear.   5. Don't store your jewelry in the bathroom

Never store or leave jewelry in the bathroom – even if you're just taking a quick shower. Steam and moisture can damage metals and stones. 6. Have your jewelry cleaned regularly

It is important to have your jewelry inspected and cleaned regularly by a jeweler to keep it fresh and free of anything that can cause potential damage. For less important pieces, you can get an appropriate home cleaner.

7. Properly store jewelry when not wearing it

This is perhaps the easiest – yet most overlooked – way to care for your jewelry. It's crucial to ensure it is properly stored at the end of the day or when you're not using it. After cleaning your jewelry, place your pieces in a jewelry box in individual cells or use anti tarnish jewelry bags to keep jewelry separated and protected. Avoid piling jewelry together, as this can cause scratching and tangling that can damage silver and cause tarnish.  

Your jewelry is valuable and precious, so it's crucial that you take good care of it. That's why at Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, we carry reliable and useful products that allow you to carefully and safely store jewelry. Take a look at our website to learn more or contact us today!